AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty – Question25

A travel booking skill has slot elicitation for fromCity, toCity, and travelDate inside of a dialog. After going live, the skill is getting negative reviews stating that the skill does not understand the city names when customers try to book travel.
The Alexa Skill Builder adds AMAZON.FallbackIntent to the interaction model with the goal of providing better messaging for out-of-domain utterances.
Why will the addition of AMAZON.FallbackIntent fail to resolve the customer issue?

AMAZON.FallbackIntent will not be triggered in the middle of a dialog.
B. A handler cannot be added to a Live skill.
C. AMAZON.FallbackIntent will cause the slot values to be incorrectly mapped.
D. AMAZON.FallbackIntent cannot be present in a skill with a Dialog directive.

Correct Answer: A