AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty – Question35

An Alexa Skill Builder is troubleshooting issues with a custom skill backed by an AWS Lambda function that integrates with an external API controlling a light bulb. The Builder observes that when saying “Alexa, turn on the light” the response is “light is not responding” and 10 seconds later, the light turns on.
What is the MOST likely cause for this issue and how can it be solved?

The Lambda function is not executing fast enough. Double the currently specified Lambda memory allocation in the Lambda basic settings section.
B. The default Lambda function timeout setting is too short and the Lambda function times out before the response from the external API can be processed and a reply can be sent back to Amazon Alexa. Increase the Lambda timeout limit.
C. There are too many concurrent Lambda functions running, causing the existing Lambda function to block and then time out before a response can be returned to Amazon Alexa. Increase the Lambda function reserve concurrency value to 30, then verify that the function can complete its work within 10 seconds.
D. There is a bug in the Lambda function code preventing the external API from being called. Enable Lambda debugging and error handling and check Amazon CloudWatch Logs for the error, then modify the code accordingly.

Correct Answer: D