AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty – Question51

An Alexa Skill Builder has created a taxi hiring skill. The skill needs to find out when the customer wants a taxi, where the customer is traveling from, and where the customer wants to go. The Builder is currently asking each question individually, in the following order:
“Where do you want to take a taxi from”
“Where do you want to take a taxi to”
“When do you need a taxi”
To ensure the voice interaction is flexible, how should this information be gathered regardless of the order in which the user provides it?

Use a single intent and slot. Inspect the incoming slot value and categorize then response, then prompt for the remaining information.
B. Create an intent for each question and include slots for each piece of information on every intent
C. Create three intents with one slot each. Use Dialog.ElicitSlot to fill the slots.
D. Create a single intent with three slots. Use the Dialog.Delegate directive to fill the slots.

Correct Answer: D