AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty – Question60

An Alexa Skill Builder implemented the built-in intent AMAZON.HelpIntent. In some cases, users are asking for help using phrases that are specific to a skill’s terminology. Amazon Alexa does not understand these phrases are help requests, and they are not being routed to AMAZON.HelpIntent.
According to best practices, how can this situation be corrected?

Create custom intents using the help utterances that are specific to the skill, and remove AMAZON.HelpIntent.
B. Use AMAZON.FallbackIntent to capture spoken phrases that do not match AMAZON.HelpIntent, then determine if the user needs help.
C. Define custom slots for AMAZON.HelpIntent to capture the additional details in the users’ help requests
D. Extend the standard built-in AMAZON.HelpIntent using additional samples in the skill’s interaction model

Correct Answer: D