AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty DAS-C01 – Question13

A company is planning to do a proof of concept for a machine earning (ML) project using Amazon SageMaker with a subset of existing on-premises data hosted in the company’s 3 TB data warehouse. For part of the project, AWS Direct Connect is established and tested. To prepare the data for ML, data analysts are performing data curation. The data analysts want to perform multiple step, including mapping, dropping null fields, resolving choice, and splitting fields. The company needs the fastest solution to curate the data for this project.
Which solution meets these requirements?

Ingest data into Amazon S3 using AWS DataSync and use Apache Spark scrips to curate the data in an Amazon EMR cluster. Store the curated data in Amazon S3 for ML processing.
B. Create custom ETL jobs on-premises to curate the data. Use AWS DMS to ingest data into Amazon S3 for ML processing.
C. Ingest data into Amazon S3 using AWS DMS. Use AWS Glue to perform data curation and store the data in Amazon 3 for ML processing.
D. Take a full backup of the data store and ship the backup files using AWS Snowball. Upload Snowball data into Amazon S3 and schedule data curation jobs using AWS Batch to prepare the data for ML.

Correct Answer: C