AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty DAS-C01 – Question14

A US-based sneaker retail company launched its global website. All the transaction data is stored in Amazon RDS and curated historic transaction data is stored in Amazon Redshift in the us-east-1 Region. The business intelligence (BI) team wants to enhance the user experience by providing a dashboard for sneaker trends.
The BI team decides to use Amazon QuickSight to render the website dashboards. During development, a team in Japan provisioned Amazon QuickSight in ap-northeast-1. The team is having difficulty connecting Amazon QuickSight from apnortheast-1 to Amazon Redshift in us-east-1.
Which solution will solve this issue and meet the requirements?

In the Amazon Redshift console, choose to configure cross-Region snapshots and set the destination Region as apnortheast-1. Restore the Amazon Redshift Cluster from the snapshot and connect to Amazon QuickSight launched in apnortheast-1.
B. Create a VPC endpoint from the Amazon QuickSight VPC to the Amazon Redshift VPC so Amazon QuickSight can access data from Amazon Redshift.
C. Create an Amazon Redshift endpoint connection string with Region information in the string and use this connection string in Amazon QuickSight to connect to Amazon Redshift.
D. Create a new security group for Amazon Redshift in us-east-1 with an inbound rule authorizing access from the appropriate IP address range for the Amazon QuickSight servers in ap-northeast-1.

Correct Answer: B