AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty DAS-C01 – Question30

A company has developed an Apache Hive script to batch process data stared in Amazon S3. The script needs to run once every day and store the output in Amazon S3. The company tested the script, and it completes within 30 minutes on a small local three-node cluster.
Which solution is the MOST cost-effective for scheduling and executing the script?

Create an AWS Lambda function to spin up an Amazon EMR cluster with a Hive execution step. Set KeepJobFlowAliveWhenNoSteps to false and disable the termination protection flag. Use Amazon CloudWatch Events to schedule the Lambda function to run daily.
B. Use the AWS Management Console to spin up an Amazon EMR cluster with Python Hue. Hive, and Apache Oozie. Set the termination protection flag to true and use Spot Instances for the core nodes of the cluster. Configure an Oozie workflow in the cluster to invoke the Hive script daily.
C. Create an AWS Glue job with the Hive script to perform the batch operation. Configure the job to run once a day using a time-based schedule.
D. Use AWS Lambda layers and load the Hive runtime to AWS Lambda and copy the Hive script. Schedule the Lambda function to run daily by creating a workflow using AWS Step Functions.

Correct Answer: C