AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty DAS-C01 – Question61

A media analytics company consumes a stream of social media posts. The posts are sent to an Amazon Kinesis data stream partitioned on user_id. An AWS Lambda function retrieves the records and validates the content before loading the posts into an Amazon Elasticsearch cluster. The validation process needs to receive the posts for a given user in the order they were received. A data analyst has noticed that, during peak hours, the social media platform posts take more than an hour to appear in the Elasticsearch cluster.
What should the data analyst do reduce this latency?

Migrate the validation process to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose.
B. Migrate the Lambda consumers from standard data stream iterators to an HTTP/2 stream consumer.
C. Increase the number of shards in the stream.
D. Configure multiple Lambda functions to process the stream.

Correct Answer: C