Certified Ethical Hacker 312-50v10 – Question317

You are a Network Security Officer. You have two machines. The first machine ( has snort installed, and the second machine ( has kiwi syslog installed.
You perform a syn scan in your network, and you notice that kiwi syslog is not receiving the alert message from snort. You decide to run wireshark in the snort machine to check if the messages are going to the kiwi syslog machine. What Wireshark filter will show the connections from the snort machine to kiwi syslog machine?

tcp.srcport= = 514 && ip.src= =
B. tcp.srcport= = 514 && ip.src= = 192.168.150
C. tcp.dstport= = 514 && ip.dst= =
D. tcp.dstport= = 514 && ip.dst= =

Correct Answer: D