AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty – Question32

An Alexa Skill Builder has built a new custom skill backed by an AWS Lambda function. The Lambda function executes successfully from the Lambda console, however, the Lambda function cannot be successfully invoked in the developer console or from an Amazon Alexa enabled device. No error messages show in the function’s Amazon CloudWatch Logs. The Builder confirmed the endpoint has the correct ARN.
What is likely causing this issue and how can it be corrected?

The Lambda application code has a bug that is causing it to crash. Modify the code to fix the bug, then redeploy the Lambda function.
B. The ASK SDK was not deployed with the Lambda function. Add the ASK SDK, then redeploy the Lambda function.
C. The ASK trigger for the Lambda function has been restricted to the wrong skill ID. Re-create the trigger with the correct skill ID.
D. The Lambda role does not have the correct AWS IAM permission. Update the IAM role associated with the Lambda function.

Correct Answer: A