AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty – Question33

An Alexa Skill Builder is developing a skill that enables users to purchase train tickets. The Builder wants to give users the ability to modify the departure time if they are misunderstood, before the skill proceeds to purchase the tickets.
Which option should be used to implement this functionality within the session?

Implement AMAZON.FallbackIntent so the user can stop the execution when they have been misunderstood.
B. Implement AMAZON.StopIntent so the user can stop the execution and implement reprompt with a new invocation of the skill.
C. Implement AMAZON.CancelIntent so the user can cancel the order, then set shouldEndSession to false, and prompt the user for the next action.
D. Implement the welcome message, providing clear instructions to the user describing how to format an order.

Correct Answer: C